Texas seniors volleyball association

Texas Seniors Volleyball Association (TSVA) consists of MEN and WOMEN throughout the state, age 50 (cut off date Dec 31) and above.  TSAV was established in 1994 to improve the quality of play in the State, the National, and World Events; however, the main purpose is to "just play volleyball," which is considered a LIFETIME sport.  The association is controlled by a State Director, Vice Director, and Secretary/Treasurer, and six committee members.  The Director, Vice Director, and Secretary/Treasurer are elected by the members to the board for two year terms and the committee is appointed by the board, which also serves two year terms.  The Director maintains a roster of all interested, eligible senior volleyball players; presently about 237 men and 210 ladies, master volleyball players, 150 men and 135 ladies, from El Paso to Beaumont/Longview, Amarillo to South Padre Island. 

Volleyball players throughout our state have got to know each other and teams have formed to play in the North Texas, Lone Star, and Sun Country Regions; which are the three regions of USA Volleyball in Texas.  Teams are formed for the Texas Senior Games Association (TSGA), which is a subsidiary of the National Senior Games Association (NSGA), originator of the Senior Olympics.  TSVA teams have found the Huntsman World Senior Games, St. George, Utah, to an outstanding volleyball event.  Thus, this leaves several months a year without volleyball, which the association, TSVA, hosts volleyball Play Days for Seniors and Masters

The Association tries to keep the players informed by publishing a bi-monthly newsletter in which a variety of volleyball news is broadcast along with schedules for USAV Regions, TSGA Games and TSVA Play Days. 

Membership is by competing in an event only.  All financial activities are controlled by the Treasurer and all resources collected above expenses at Play Days are donated to TSVA.  Members that participate in National events (USAV, NSGA, and Huntsman) receive compensation for attending depending on the number of Play Days attended, and other members are awarded some type of token award; so all receive something in return for playing volleyball in the Associations.  All services by all are donated by all members. 

I am available to answer any question (s) regarding Senior Volleyball and the TSVA anytime and hope to see you on the court playing volleyball soon. 

Carl Thompson: cdthom@att.net

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